Moeen Faruqi

Karachi – born artist, Moeen Faruqi, completed his B.S in 1981 from California State University, Fresno USA and later went on to do his M. Ed from University of Wales, UK in 1992. He is a self-taught artist and has been practicing since the 1980’s.

Faruqi’s acrylic and oil works on canvas focus on the people around him. He likes to capture the feeling of alienation in society. People around him he feels, tend to experience this either because of their background or perhaps because the world is constantly changing and it is difficult to keep pace, hence they are left behind. The people in his midst constantly inspire his narrative portraits that tend to be expressionistic in approach and deal with social-realism in content.

Faruqi plays with the idea that we live in ‘fragile cocoons’ and how ironically modern people are estranged from their own society. For this, he uses men and women in his paintings, using the animals and fish to denote estrangement and add a feeling of strangeness.

His stylized figurative works are narrative; hence titles are an important feature in his practice. However, the artist says that his work is still very much open to interpretation. The protagonist in his paintings, usually staring out of the canvas, represents himself.

Amra Ali, writer for Dawn Gallery says, ‘Moeen Faruqi discusses art, poetry, the many fears and insecurities, and a confused urban milieu out of which his art springs forth. His radiant, if disturbing, figurative forms and spacey landscapes in subdued hues reflect the urban paradoxes and chaos of a city like Karachi.’

Khaas Art has several of Moeen Faruqi’s paintings in the collection. We hosted his solo show, Word & Image in 1999 and then featured him in a group show of painters in 2005 with Mashkoor Raza and Mohammad Kazim. His solo show, Kahaniyan took place in 2011 followed byThe Blue Room And Other Stories took place in 2015.

Moeen Faruqi

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