Shireen Ikramullah Khan

Khan graduated with Bachelors in Applied Psychology and Fine Arts at Islamabad College for Girls, Islamabad (2002). She then went on to pursue a BFA at National College of Arts, Lahore in 2006 with a major in painting and minor in photography and printmaking. The artist describes her time at the institution as the most crucial for the development of her skill and style and continues to work on the same lines as in her thesis project. However, her practice has evolved in several ways over a period of time. She later went on to complete her Masters of Art in Art Gallery and Museum Studies at the University of Manchester, UK (2008 – 2009). Khan has assumed many different roles in the art world, including that of an educationist, critic, visual artist, art consultant and museologist gaining valuable experience in each field.

Shireen uses abstract imagery to delineate different human sentiments –thoughts that cannot be otherwise articulated. Ikramullah gives tangibility to these sentiments by depicting them in an array of colour and amorphous forms. Thus, through the layering of paint the artist translates her thoughts into visuals.

Khan says, “I can portray what is actually going on inside my own mind. Each layer is like a fresh insight; a method that penetrates into the underlying truth of what I feel is both within me and around me. They tell a story, an untold story, one which is a discovery for viewers and surprisingly, for me”.

The artist’s work was displayed in Perception vs Progression at Khaas Gallery in 2011.

Shireen Ikramullah Khan

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