Seher Naveed

Seher Naveed (b.1984) finished her Bachelors in Fine Art, major in Painting, from Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Karachi in 2007. She went on to do her Masters in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London and finished in 2009.

Through her work, Naveed questions ‘what is real.’ Interplay of memories versus fact. It is known that memory is made up of different layers – the most important being vision. We tend to remember things that we have viewed or physically experienced. Her practice deals with sifting through it all and trying to ascertain the difference between what is real and what is not.

Naveed is not restricted by medium; it entirely depends from piece to piece, series to series, depending on how she wants to articulate a particular concept. She mostly works with photography and drawing, occasionally switching to acrylic. More recently, she has worked with paper cut-outs as a means to build up landscapes sandwiched between transparent acrylic sheets.

She sees her work as being ‘architectural’ and ‘experimental’ and her subjects are ‘playful,’ depicting everyday life. Her use of flat colour is an intentional aesthetic choice. She prefers to title her work where possible as this gives it context.

In her own words, Naveed says of her practice, ‘The idea of transience is one that has stayed persistent in my work these past few years. My current works examine the idea of ‘the impermanent space’ and ‘preservation’. Taking inspiration from photography, its ability to immortalize and its claim to show the ‘real’, I delve into the idea of capturing and revisiting the mind’s scatter. By capturing moments and time through photography ,drawing and paint I attempt to create metaphysical landscapes. I see these as story-tellers and my visuals are inspired by images I have a deep connection with.’

Seher Naveed’s inspirations are Ed Ruscha, Gordon Matt-a-Clarke, Peter Doig. She feels that her ideas are what represent her in the work. She puts those ideas onto a surface and the lines, viewpoints and perspectives are constantly changing as she constructs, de-constructs and manipulates in order to break down existing spaces from their full state to a point where their functionality is of no use.

Khaas Gallery hosted Seher Naveed in a two person exhibition with Shireen Ikramullah Khan called Perception vs. Progression in February 2011.

Seher Naveed

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