Scheherezade Junejo

“I use my art as a method of showing people how I feel without actually talking”. – Scheherezade Junejo
Born and raised in Karachi (1986), Junejo graduated with Honours in her BFA thesis project at the National College of Arts, Lahore (2009). At her time at NCA, Junejo absorbed several ideas from her contemporaries as well as her teachers who she feels have been very instrumental in shaping her style today. The artist is currently teaching at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi. Furthermore, she occasionally curates shows for Full Circle Gallery also located in Karachi.
“I absolutely love what I do. If you ask me I haven’t worked a day in my life.” says Junejo. This ardor is visible in her execution. Junejo’s impeccable detail is a result of live observational studies and exhaustive research on human anatomy. The artist refers to her interest in anatomy bordering on obsessive, which developed while working with sculptor, Amna Ilyas in 2008 which helped her understand the importance of postures and body movements.

Junejo talks about several issues that exist in society today, most importantly the loss of individuality. The artist refers to skin as a “garment”. Junejo highlights everyday societal pressures that lead to people abandoning their individuality and wearing the “skin” of others that they feel are more suited for the society they live in.

Furthermore, Junejo talks about the importance that we give inanimate objects over animate ones. This has been shown through the minimal use of colour in her paintings used to depict objects such as drapery or cushions while the human body moves to the background because of its monochromatic nature commenting on how “we pay attention to the wrong things.”

Junejo mostly works with oil paints as she finds it has a “seductive” nature. Other mediums she uses include pencil, pen and graphite. Junejo at a young age has achieved quite a lot, becoming one of the most recognizable names in the Pakistani Art world. Junejo has exhibited extensively locally and internationally.

The artist displayed her work in Doppelganger, a group show at Khaas Gallery, Islamabad (2015).

Scheherezade Junejo

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