Sana Kazi

Sana Kazi graduated from National College of Arts, Lahore in 2006 with a BFA degree in Miniature painting and MFA in Visual Arts at the same institution. She then took up the post of assistant professor at her alma mater.

Kazi uses the traditional form of Indo-Persian Miniature with a contemporary spin. She experiments with unorthodox materials such as cement and sawdust on Wasli to create her images.

Her work is about “the state of transition” that she depicts in several different ways. Her images possess a kineticism as it captures different time periods as showing evolution. She preserves the traditional yet shows transition that takes place over time. She covers several social issues that affect the world today. Furthermore, the artist works with the idea of alter egos.

The artist also stresses on the fact that her work is about “universality, hopefully transcending borders”. She promotes the idea of togetherness and spirituality.

The artist’s work was on display in the exhibit Doppelganger at Khaas Gallery (2015).


Sana Kazi

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