Rabeya Jalil

Rabeya Jalil (b.1981) completed her Bachelors in Fine Art, majoring in Printmaking from NCA, Lahore in 2005, with Honors. Since graduating, Jalil has had many successful exhibitions locally as well as in the US, U.A.E, India, Spain, Sweden and Bulgaria.

Her career thus far has been a combination of curation, teaching and exhibiting her own artwork. She has been part of the faculty at the Centre of Excellence in Art & Design, Jamshoro as well as Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Karachi. The talented young artist also worked as Assistant Curator for the IVS gallery where she put-together many interesting projects. She received the Fulbright Scholarship in 2010 and completed her Masters of Art at Columbia University, NY.

In Jalil’s own artwork, her main oeuvre is Printmaking, painting and mixed media – the latter being her preference. She likes to experiment, and as most printmakers tend to create more process-based works, her main source of inspiration is derived from printmaking processes. She uses words like ‘Packaging,’ ‘Consumerism’ and ‘Projection’ to describe her own practice. To sum up her concept in one line, she deals with ‘the dilemma and journey of trying to become the perfect human package to cater to the hegemonic society’ through her art. Female legs and fruits recur, as do stamps and text. These are the main symbols she uses throughout. Fruits are what she feels represent her, in the work.

To her, titles are very important. They go hand in hand with each piece. Jalil’s visual vocabulary has grown immensely over the last few years. Her earlier works tended to be more graphic, whereas now her work has become more spontaneous and has taken on more of a textural panache. She started off in her comfort zone, mostly remaining within the realm of Printmaking but then moved on to painting and more recently Jalil has started to focus on artist books.

Khaas Gallery has hosted Rabeya Jalil in many exhibitions, including a two-person show in 2007 with Munazzah Mehmood, Beyond the Surface in 2009 with Naveed Sabir and Hassnain Awais, PrinToday in 2010 and a solo show Pictionary She Wrote…(2015). We look forward to her future exhibitions with us and have many of her works in the collection.

Rabeya Jalil

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