Najia Omer

“I sometimes feel as if I’m looking at life through the stills that form within my head. As I try to answer the questions and understand the thoughts that are spinning inside me, I’m unable to do this with words. Images form in front of me and that is when I start to work with them.” – Najia Omer.

Karachi – born visual artist, Najia Omer currently lives and works in Seattle, USA. She completed her BFA at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in 2008 with a major in painting and a minor in printmaking.

Through her body of work Omer touches upon the idea of “Identity.” She talks about how one’s identity undergos constant evolution, changing with everyday experiences. She aims to dissect the different layers that make a person who they are in order to understand human behaviour.

Furthermore, she debates how a person’s identity, more specifically that of a woman, is defined by the society that they are a part of. Women are coerced into assuming a character that is considered as acceptable in the community.

Najia Omer

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