Mohsin Shafi

Mohsin Shafi completed his Bachelors with Honors in Visual Communication Design from NCA, Lahore in 2007. He went on to do his Masters from there as well, this time in Visual Art, graduating in 2011. The artist continues to live and work in Lahore.

Shafi has many talents, including printmaking, graphic design and mixed media. The combination of these media lends his work a graphic aesthetic and an interesting fusion has developed. His main oeuvre consists of exploring life’s unpredictability and fragility. He prefers to use mixed media – mainly consisting of different printmaking techniques as this is his forte. His work has also developed into a performative nature which sets him apart from his contemporaries. To describe his artwork in five words he would use the following: construction, destruction, reconfiguration, progression and mystification.

Shafi’s work contains a lot of symbols, both personal and universal, that are derived from his surroundings. He feels that titles are crucial in his artwork as they contain buried narratives. Also, the text in his work is a representation of himself. He says, ‘my work has always been an abstract and conceptual response to my life experiences. Although, I feel now, it communicates multiple layers of meaning. It rather poses more questions than answers and in turn creates a deeper dialogue with the viewer.’  He describes his work as ‘investigating issues of gender, ideology, sexuality, spirituality and tendencies of violence in our people.’

Khaas has hosted Mohsin Shafi in two major Printmaking group exhibitions, Printmore in 2009 and PrinToday in 2010 as well as a solo show in 2012 titled Dirt Under My Nails.

Mohsin Shafi

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