Jamil Baloch

“As an artist I always tried to work with issues which concern humankind and nature. Coupled with this is the aesthetic found in the world around us,” says the famous Jamil Baloch.

The artist was born in the region of Nushki (chagai) Baluchistan, Pakistan and currently lives and works in Lahore. After graduating from National College of Arts, Lahore, Baloch took up the position of a Professor at the institution, teaching to date. He is well known and respected in the art community of Pakistan.

Baloch uses his craft to talk about several socio-political issues prevalent in Pakistan. In his exhibit at Khaas he drew images inspired by his native land, Balochistan and the fading cultural and traditional values of the region. He also comments on the growing class divide within the district. Through his imagery he discusses several unpleasant issues yet successfully maintains an aesthetic.

Despite being known as a sculptor, Baloch does not restrict himself to producing only three-dimensional works. He has explored various mediums selecting that which seems to be able to convey his ideas best at the time. The artist claims, “(he tries) not to accept the boundaries that seem to be in place with regard to material sources. (He has) always explored diverse media, and a variety of themes which somehow are inter-related to one another and through them me.”

The artist exhibited his work in a two-person show Tellings, alongside Akram Dost at Khaas Gallery in 2010.

Jamil Baloch

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