Inaam Zafar


Inaam Zafar (b. 1988, Lahore) is a graduate of Beaconhouse National University, Pakistan. He currently lives and works in Lahore.

Zafar’s main concern is to understand the role of art institutions in the growth of an artist. He tries to explore how art education and training impacts the creativity and thought process of an individual.

He touches upon the topic of authorship of images and how they are personalized. The artist collects images from several different sources including photographs, printed media and videos. He then alters them either in the form of low resolution prints or photocopies to rework them in paint.

He uses found imagery and alters them on his canvas so they are not entirely unidentified, essentially talking about the transferring of information from one medium to another and the change that is brought in the image due to the transfer. His imagery leaves more room for interpretation. The artist gives the viewer the liberty to find something new in the scene – the freedom to connect a different meaning to the visuals.

The artist was a part of a group show called Doppelganger at Khaas Gallery, Islamabad (2015).

Inaam Zafar

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