Imran Mudassar

Imran Mudassar (b. 1982 in Gujranwala) currently lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan. He graduated from National College of Art, Lahore as a printmaker and then went on to complete his MFA at The University of Punjab.

Mudassar’s imagery is described as “signif(ying) the condition of our times and place”. The artist’s work sprang from his time in Kabul, Afghanistan – a city that has time and again been victim to war and terrorism. Witnessing the dilapidated buildings struck by war, the artist was inspired to recreate this disorder in his work. He photographed structures such as the Darut Aman Palace that were damaged by bullet holes, later inculcating them into his images on his return to Pakistan.


Mudassar talks about human life and how fickle it has become. He reveals the human form, subjected to war and its inevitable destruction. He comments on how a city subjected to conflict does not only destroy the infrastructure and landscape but also destroys the life within the city. He presents pencil drawings of the human body that are exposed to all kinds of danger. Imagery of ammunition and the marks they leave behind have been documented in his work.


Mudassar seems to be talking about countries that are terrorized by extremists that have put forth an inaccurate representation of Islam. This is visible where he makes use of the arabesque pattern, normally found within sacred text alongside these weapons of destruction.


The artist’s work was shown in a solo show Moving Landscape II in 2015 at Khaas Gallery.



Imran Mudassar

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