Humaira Abid

Humaira Abid (b. 1977) completed her BFA with Honours from NCA, Lahore in 2000. Her background is in sculpture and miniature painting. Abid’s practice consists largely of sculptures and sculptural installations. She says that while sculpture and miniature are seemingly poles apart, they have a common ethos. Sculpture is bold and three dimensional, while miniature is mostly small in scale, two dimensional, precise and highly finished. Although the nature of both mediums are vastly different, Abid’s practice is a culmination of both skill sets as her sculptures are created with the same intensive labour, precision, high finish and aesthetic values of miniature painting. She says that her background in miniature painting improves the execution of her sculptures.

Abid mostly works with wood; initially she experimentation with Mahogany, a choice she made in order to challenge herself as this is the hardest wood available in Pakistan. She claims that wood complements her forms, the knots and bold grains add to her minimalist, contemporary pieces. Abid says, ‘My work is mainly inspired by everyday objects and abstract forms depicting relationships. I feel images and even feelings wear masks. To go under the skin of objects and to make emotions tactile, we may listen to forms, and then perhaps we may look at them again. My work is just such an exploration.’

Abid probes into hidden perspectives. She feels as though like humans, images wear masks. Her imagery is loaded with symbolism – a seedling represents a new life; women’s handbags are like secret treasure troves; an egg form represents fertility and femininity; male shoes represent male chauvinism. Abid believes that art should inspire humor and surprise, and evoke wonder. Her main objective is to represent woman’s point of view in a male dominated medium – sculpture. She is inspired by everyday objects and nature.

Abid has been a visiting Assistant Professor at NCA and Beaconhouse National University, in Lahore. However, she currently lives and works in Seattle, USA.

Abid has had three solo exhibitions at Khaas Gallery– Rose Relationship ( 2004) , Lullaby (2009) and Red (2015).Humaira’s work was also part of Khaas Art Gallery’s stall at Art 15 (2015).

Humaira Abid

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