Hadia Moiz

Hadia Moiz (b.1983) completed her BFA with a distinction from Hunerkada, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Lahore in 2005. She has been an educator, gaining value experience from teaching at her alma mater and has participated in Art Therapy workshops conducted by Sadia Pervaz at Beaconhouse National University, Lahore in 2006.

In 2007, Moiz attended Taza Tareen II, a local artist’s residency program conducted by VASL in Karachi. She continues to exhibit nationally and internationally. Her work is constantly changing direction in terms of imagery, palette and content. The symbols she uses in her work have conceptual significance. For instance to her, water can be calm and still but it can also be rowdy and unpredictable. Moiz identifies herself with water. She also uses the leaf as a symbol to represent family, friends or a relationship. Flowers denote peace, love, beauty and femininity. Moiz’s compositions therefore possess a range of subtle symbols like anthropomorphic mushrooms and organically interlocked shapes that create playful figurative imagery.

To use her words, she describes her paintings as being interactive, political, humorous and passionate. While she generally tends to stay within the miniature painting genre, using tea washes and silver leaf, she has also extended her practice to mixed media.

Khaas Gallery has a longstanding relationship with Moiz and has shown her work a number of times in various exhibitions. The most recent ones include Reunion in 2008, MiniatuReloaded in 2009, both with Babar Gull and a group show titled Contemporary Miniatures in 2010. Khaas Gallery showcased her first solo show, The Lusty Lover at the end of 2010.



Hadia Moiz

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