Cyra Ali

Cyra Ali (b.1987 in Karachi, Pakistan) completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi.

Ali’s fascination with the human body is evident in her pieces. Her work raises questions on female sexuality and it’s suppression within a society. It further discusses the status of women and their helplessness within the bounds of culture.

The artist makes bold statements that challenge the patriarchal society and she reflects on the world around her, revealing issues that others casually sweep under the rug.  She makes these statements by using needlework, embroidery and flowers. Her work possesses an erotic nature as images of the female physique are carefully woven into what at first seem to be intricate floral designs but on closer inspection are legs or lips.

The artist has exhibited in Nine Lives and Converging Lines; two group shows held at Khaas Art Gallery (2012).

Cyra Ali

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