Beenish Usman

Beenish Usman (b.1985) lives and works in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. She graduated in Miniature Painting at the National College of Arts, Lahore in 2009.

The artist uses images of items that are normally used for security purposes, namely barricades, barbed wire and plastic road blocks. Usman shows her viewers landscape and greenery which makes one want to frolic within the settings. However, she disrupts this harmony by placing items that act as obstructions. These barriers are seen in many settings around us today; in the form of check posts, fences, road blocks etc. The artist reflects on how these blockades, though placed for an individual’s safety, restricts their freedom. Her work is a reminder that we reside within a society that forces us to become rather circumspect.

Usman has displayed her work in galleries such as The Drawing Room, (Lahore), Rohtas 2, (Lahore), Zahoor Ul Akhlaq Gallery (NCA Lahore) and Tokyo Gallery (Japan).

The artist’s work was displayed in Impediment, a two person show at Khaas Art Gallery, Islamabad (2011).

Beenish Usman

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