Anas Ghauri


                                          Bazeecha-e-atfaal hai duniya mere aagay

                                          Hota hai shab-o-roz tamasha mere aagay

                                 The world in front of my eyes is like a child’s game

                                                  Day and night I watch its ‘show.’


Anas Ghauri’s (b.1989) incorporates the influential words of Mirza Ghalib as a part of his statement. The artist focuses on the world around him, more specifically the restrictions that are levied upon people from all walks of life. He explores political and social norms that have sparked his interest.

Ghauri is a recent graduate from National College of Arts, Lahore (2014). Only two years into the profession, he has quite a few significant shows under his belt. Using graphite on drawing paper, he represents the human form and emotions using articles of clothing.  The images stir up chaos and disorientation as the invisible human body is rebelling against conventionality and restrictions within society. The artist lives and works in Lahore.

His work was displayed in the show Doppelganger at Khaas Art Gallery, Islamabad (2015).

Anas Ghauri

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