Amra Khan

Amra Khan (b.1984) was born in Islamabad. She got her BFA in Painting in 2008 and Masters in Visual Arts at National College of Arts from, Lahore a few years later. She also had the opportunity to attend École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA) Paris, France, for a semester as an exchange student.

Her concept deals with having two poles, two different temperaments existing in the same body. She feels that there is a constant struggle between the intellect and the soul and that the body is the battlefield. In her words, ‘The conflict is between the mind and the soul, and the battle ground is your body, who you are and who you desire to be, till you transcend to the higher level of greatness, the point where your soul takes absolute control, you seduce, tantalize, entice, hate, provoke, lust and question substance and tangible quantity, the baseness of the flesh, the abject state of gender, the bipolarity of power, your own gender and the one you wished to be born in, until you can answer the very question: Am I a man because I have a Phallus?’

Khan started off as an oil painter, but more recently her work has taken on a three dimensional twist. She has made soft, sculptural works and uses found objects. She is stimulated by frequent walks around Lahore, the people she comes across who are sidelined; androgynous or homosexuals and transsexuals. These serve as her main inspirations. She says that her work fluctuates with her, depending on her state of mind. Her main quest is to address androgyny, the desire to be masculine and the need to be equal or better; to be acknowledged, seen and accepted. The element of role play in her work is an interesting aspect that can be explored further.

Amra Khan’s artwork was shown in a group show Doppelganger in 2015 and is also a part of the Khaas Gallery Collection.

Amra Khan

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