Abdul Jabbar Gull

Abdul Jabbar Gull (b.1969) was born in Mirpurkhas, Pakistan. The artist attended the National College of Arts Lahore, completing his BFA in Sculpture in 1996. Gull was a Professor at Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Karachi for over 11 years.  The artist currently lives and works in Karachi.

Gull has had an interesting and extensive career to date, exhibiting in Pakistan and abroad. He has also participated in many Artist Residencies to inform and expand his practice. His practice has also evolved to include painting under his repertoire of work.

Since an early age he has been interested in portraiture and figure drawing. His stylization has evolved over time; through intense studies he has developed a language unique to his practice. Gull uses any medium that best suits his concept. He has a range of preferences – in sculpture he works in wood, resin, metal, fiber glass, plaster junk and mixed media; in painting he works with oil on canvas and ink washes on paper.

Gull is inspired by human beings and what he sees around him. He is a simple man with simple sentiments. His art work documents the times he lives in and questions self existence and the connection between himself and his Creator. His work addresses sociology and politics wherein he represents ordinary people who he calls ‘Ordinary Souls.’ His work addresses both local and global issues, largely pertaining to what he refers to as the war of propaganda that is misleading people in all societies.

He says of his work, ‘I find wood to be a sympathetic medium; its organic nature enhances my quest and continues it. My carvings in wood set out to explore numerous questions arising from the changing circumstances of my life. I have no conclusions, so my work speaks of the mysteries and ambiguities faced in this process.’

Khaas Gallery hosted him in a group show entitled Trilogue, with Usman Ghouri and R.M Naeem and his first solo show Self Absorptions (2011).

Abdul Jabbar Gull

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